How to take a window screen off?


Window frame

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Aluminum and Vinyl Windows

There are hundreds of window manufacturers and just about an equal amount of ways to take screens on and off of them.  My best advice is when dealing with a window that is a vinyl or aluminum the screen will usually come out from the inside, that is you must:

  1. Push the screen frame towards the center of the encasement
  2. Try to push frame up and down to try and make it come loose
  3. Pull in gently from the bottom and that should work.

Dirt and debris will lock screen frame in place, so a good ideal is to use some WD-40 spray in between the screen frame and the window frame to try and make it come loose.

Wood Windows

When your window encasement’s are wood, for example a double-hung window, then putting a screen on and off should be a bit easier.  Wood window usually have hardware on the top and bottom to hold the screen in place, they are called the top jiffy hangers and bottom bail latch.  To put the screen on and if you do have the hardware I just mentioned you have to:

  1. Insert the screen frame in the top jiffy hangers first evenly
  2. once you inserted the screen in the top hardware, push up and make sure the frame is snug
  3. Push frame in from the bottom till it’s flush
  4. Clip in the bottom bail latch and your done

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