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The Wide Opening Wall Screens system is manufactured entirely in stainless steel, brass and reinforced engineering polymers. The tough PVC-coated polyester mesh used in the screen, is hardwearing and resistant to damage from pets and children. The mesh is easy to clean and can be replaced.

Wide Opening Wall Screens

Wide Opening Wall ScreensGarage screen door

You can leave your bi-folding or multi-panel wall system wide open and enjoy the cool breeze without letting insects and bugs in. Phantom’s new manual wall screens for oversized openings open all across you opening and disappears out of sight when not in use, never compromising your home’s style or million dollar view!

Great for bi-folding and acordian wide glass doors.

Wide Opening Wall Screens

Centor Arquitectural Screen for Bi-Folding Glass Doors in West Hills, CA

We at Complete Screens believe there’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beauty outside, you live better, every day.

By bringing light, air and beautiful views in, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Feel the cooling breeze on a summer day. Watch snow fall from a cozy couch with a warm cup of coffee. Take the time to admire the sunset.

But sometimes inviting the outside in can come with compromises. Harsh sunlight intrudes. Privacy is elusive. Cold air creeps in. Insects invade.

We want you to be able to achieve true inside-outside living, without the compromises. To take in the beauty that surrounds you while controlling elements of the outdoors and keep your home life in harmony.