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We specialize in high quality Retractable Screen Doors, Screen Doors and Windows Screens. All jobs are performed on-site with a Mobile Screen Service for a custom fit. We provide all sizes of Patio Sliding Screen Doors, Swinging Screen Doors, Window Screens with extruded aluminum frames, using only top quality fiberglass screens in nine available colors.

Retractable Screen Doors Rancho St Encino Ca

Black Double Set of Retractable Screens for Patio

These doors are durable, oven baked extruded aluminum finishes in a selection of colors. Smooth operation with quality slow closers. Good indoor air ventilation within and around your home is very important for your wellbeing, health and comfort. Screens provide adequate ventilation and ensure good Indoor air quality.

A Slow close retractable will increase the life time of your screen. Slowing down the traction will allow all the parts, hardware and screen mesh to last longer.

Wide Opening Wall Screens

Wide Opening Wall ScreensGarage screen door

You can leave your bi-folding or multi-panel wall system wide open and enjoy the cool breeze without letting insects and bugs in. Phantom’s new manual wall screens for oversized openings open all across you opening and disappears out of sight when not in use, never compromising your home’s style or million dollar view!

Great for bi-folding and acordian wide glass doors.

Wide Opening Wall Screens

Pet Screen Doors

Pet Screen Doors

Pet Screen Doors

A high quality pet screen door will last a very long time withouyt falling apart on you. Extra heavy duty rubber flaps that swing both ways, with inserted magnets all around the entire opening for a secure seal every time.

You can also add Pet Screen. It is a pet resistant insect screening. It is tear and puncture resistant to prevent damage by dogs and cats. Ideal for use in high traffic areas. Pet Screen installs like regular insect screening and is excellent for use in patio porch enclosures, screen doors and windows screens.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable Screen Doors

What is covered.
All standard parts and mechanisms in material and workmanship are warranted for a limited lifetime from date of purchase when the retractable screen door is installed. The screen material is expressly excluded from warranty.

What is not covered.
This limited warranty does not cover a defect that has resulted from improper installation, use, alteration or maintenance. The screening material is expressly excluded from warranty. Change in color of parts that take place over time is not covered nor is damage to fasteners from drill or screwdriver damage during installation or removal.

Complete Screens makes no warranties for failures of operating difficulties due to accident, acts of god, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, faulty building construction or design, exposure to the elements, exposure to corrosive environments, improper handling, installation or maintenance.

Complete Screens will not warrant any wood veneer products if the woodwork is not properly protected. A good quality top coat and sealer must be applied to all exposed wood surfaces. It is the customers responsibility to properly care for and protect woodwork against moisture or excessive excessive dryness.

Warranty does not cover any rips, tears, separation, fraying, and/or snags of any sort on the screen material. The detaching of the screen material from the roller tube and/or pullbar is excluded as well. Customer acknowledges that the retractable screen is for ventilation and bug reduction only it is not meant to keep bad guys out or keep kids or pets inside.

In no way is the retractable screen installed at your house meant to be used as a security screen. Added features such as the french door pins, latches, and/or sirens may be used freely to help create an awarness to any situation that might arise from the opening and closing of the screen door. In no way is complete screens to be held liable for any harm done to you, your property, and or your family because of these added features failing. You are aware that your threshold might have been altered and complete screens will not be held liable in any way for any tripping, falling, leaks and/or injuries occured from this change to your door. Labor is not covered under this warranty

Retractable Screens Custom Made

Retractable Screens Custom Made 

Complete Screens Retractable Screens 

Our Retractable screen systems are custom sized and put together on site, therefore, in most cases we can provide 1 week installations.

Complete Screens Retractable Screens is your local source for courteous, professional and timely installations and after sales service when needed.

We have a complete line of quality retractable screens for almost any application. We also have Motorized Power Screens, Screens for Bifolding doors with arquitectural design. Combining the high quality craftsmanship, design and modern technology, in U.S. based facility. Complete Screens Retractable Screens provides quality products to serve your retractable door and window screen needs.

For more information and a consultation call  818-470-1444 or email

Screen Doors in Conejo Valley

Screen Doors installed in Conejo Valley and Malibu homes

Our  screen doors  are  popular for all door opening and encasemnts. Most homeowners like to keep a clear view of their master bedrooms,  office, game, entertainment and other rooms when it is cold outside and have their glass doors closed. That is why the charcoal fiberglass mesh is very popular.  Ideal for customers who do not want their views blocked 365 days a year. vanish.

These installations where done in the city of Conejo Valley and Malibu and the customers are very happy with their new charcoal fiberglass mesh. They come in 5 different thickness and weaves. Don’t wait any more enjoy your clear screen mesh now!

Conejo Valley Screen Doors

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 If you’re searching for Screen Doors in Conejo Valley area, or other near by areas, here are some other cities we service.
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    Mobile Service in the following areas:

    Agoura Hills, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas,  Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hidden Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Malibu, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Oak Park, Pacific Palisades, Pacoima, Panorama City, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Simi Valley, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sylmar, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Toluca Lake, Topanga, Tujunga, Universal City, Van Nuys, West Hills, West Hollywood, Westlake Village, West San Fernando Valley, Westwood, Winnetka, Woodland Hills, Valley Village.

Window Screen Replacement

Window Screen Replacement

Window Screen Replacement in Studio City

A customer in Studio City requested window screen panels for their sidelights windows. These screens have to be installed on the exterior part of the window encasement with jiffy hangers and bail latches to secure them in place and to allow the customers to remove them in the future. A heavy gauge aluminum frame is better for long and high frames so they won’t bent or bow when removing them.

Re-screening and fixing rips and tears is a common issue to homeowners. Heavy duty 16/14 mesh for clearest viewing with protection from insects is your guarantee that you will never have to worry about the cost of re-screening!  Eliminate brittleness, flaking and fading. It is incredibly strong.The most advanced screen mesh on the market today!

17/20 mesh for protection from the smallest insects while still maintaining a view with little to no distortion.




Bronze Screen Doors in Sherman Oaks

Bronze Screen Doors in Sherman Oaks

Screen Doors & Retractable Screen Doors will fit any door opening

Our doors can be custom-fit to any  double and single entry french doors, or sliding patio doors.  We also specialize in retractable window screens for a clear view to the outside. You never have to see your screen door obstrucing your outside view again! Make your retractable screen door disappear when not in use in the winter, rainy days, windy days and when having guests over.

Do you have a window out to your patio that you would like to pass food through?  We can install a retractable pass-through window screen.  Retractable screens are made out of heavy duty extruded aluminum and are powder coated which will give them a better appearance while providing a long-lasting easy to clean surface. Only Silicone lubrication required as screen simply glides within a small out of the way track.  No wheels or rollers to replace or fix.

I am fully stocked so I am able to build any door the same day at your home.  Retractable screens are designed for years of trouble-free use.

The basic standard sizes they come in are:

Width                                Height

  •   32″                                      80″
  •   36″                                      96″
  •   48″
  •   44″
  •   60″
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Window Screen Replacement in Malibu

 Window Screen Replacement in Malibu

Screen frames come in various colors: White, Bronze, Silver, Black, Tan and Adobe. When we come out an estimate we will show you samles of screen frmes so you can chose wich color will best match you window and dorr encasments

Screen Window replacement are fabricated on site with high quality screen frames