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Porter Ranch Screen Wicket
Screen Wicket

Install New Screen Window and Doors

Re-screening all the windows in you home is more affordable than keeping the air conditioning on all day. Take a look around your Home and get an idea of how many window screens and screen doors their are.

Then call me and I will help you figure out which ones need a whole new screen and which ones need re-screening you existing screen frames (Mesh only)

Today installed window screens with wickets for a Lady that lives in Woodland Hills. Here is what she had to say

“I love these heavy duty interior bronze window screens with wickets!. I can open the small screen wicket and reach my window crank without having to take of my screen every time I want some cool breeze flowing through the house. You are very prompt and professional. I will recommend you to my Family and Friends. Thanks Complete Screens” Susan B. Porter Ranch, CA. 91326