Screen Doors in Conejo Valley

Screen Doors installed in Conejo Valley and Malibu homes Our  screen doors  are  popular for all door opening and encasemnts. Most homeowners like to keep a clear view of their master bedrooms,  office, game, entertainment and other rooms when it is cold outside and have their glass doors closed. That is why the charcoal fiberglass mesh is Read more about Screen Doors in Conejo Valley[…]

Solar Screen In Simi Valley

Simi Valley Solar Screens Solar Screen is essential when the sun is hitting your windows all day. If part of your home is heating up more than you can handle call me and I will go over to your home and show you samples of the different types of solar screen mesh I can install. Solar screen comes in Read more about Solar Screen In Simi Valley[…]

How do Window Screen Wickets work?

Instructions on Wickets for window screens A small metal or plastic door mounted in the window screen. Wickets may be hinged or sliding. They all allow access to window operators or some other object on the other side of a screen. Normally used on exterior opening casements or awning windows Plastic wicket is 10 1/8″ wide Read more about How do Window Screen Wickets work?[…]

Window Screens in Woodland Hills

          Window Screens in Woodland Hills REDUCE YOUR ENERGY COSTS! In the evenings and through the night shut off your air conditioner Orange County by using Phifer Screening products to cross ventilate your home. This will allow the cool night air to circulate and cool your home. During the day Phifer Sun Control Products used on the Read more about Window Screens in Woodland Hills[…]

Motorized Power Screens

Do you want to shade in an area that gets a lot of sun. Would you like to raise and lower your Sun Shades, Motorized Power Screens or Window Shades without getting up and doing it manually, perhaps having to move things around. Some obvious benefits are ease of operation, eliminating child safety hazards and the Read more about Motorized Power Screens[…]

Retractable, Invisible, Disappearing Screen Doors

  You’ve been looking for a truly functional, versatile and reasonably priced Retractable screen door, you’ve come to the right place. Retractable screen doors keeps your home ventilated and unwanted insects out of your home with unique, patented features that make it the most convenient screen door on the market. Once you try our screen, Read more about Retractable, Invisible, Disappearing Screen Doors[…]