Screen Doors Service in Simi Valley

My mobile screen service in Simi Valley is available to do all screen work on-site.  I have been doing screens since 1993 and would love to add you to my long list of satisfied customers.  All my work is guaranteed and I’m sure you will refer me once the job is complete.

Mobile Screen Service

Screen Door Re-screening

I personally go to all job-sites and take care of my customers myself.  Some of my services include, Screen door rescreening.  I go to your home with my mobile truck and re-screen your screen door on-site and the cost is $88 This includes material and installation.  The service and price is for almost all screen doors, but always call to get an accurate quote!

Window Re-screening

This is my most requested service and is the screen problem most customers have.  Just like with screen doors, I also do the work on-site.  The price of a window re-screen is $28 per window screen and the size limit is (48″x48″) that is a pretty big window screen for just $28.00 each:)  The price includes material, installation and all my work is always guaranteed!

New Window Screens

When the frames on your window screens are bent, oxidized or just plain missing it’s time for new window screens!  The screen on your home are very important, they keep the home cool, cost down, bugs out and some of the harmful pollen and dust out!  Whether you like them or not they are a necessity and if you need them, you might as-well have some nice new window screens that look good and work right!

I can certainly help you get all this done painlessly and stress-free.  Just call me for a free quote! and I will take care of the rest.  My direct line is:  818-470-1444  or  805-791-5744

Sun Screen

If you are having problems with sunlight in your home, let me tell you about another great product I have.  Sun Screen or better known as Solar Screen.  This product is excellent for blocking out the suns ray from destroying your rug, furniture or simply just to keep the house much cooler.  When you have a window solar screen on a window, it blocks out 70% of the harmful suns rays and it also does wonders for your utility bill.

If Solar Screen sounds like something you might need give me a call and I will send you samples by mail so you can test it for yourself.  just Hold the sample up to the sun and feel how it reduces the heat instantly!

Pet Screen

Are you having problems with your pet ripping  and scratching the screen?  I have got a great product for just that problem.  Pet Screen!  That’s right, this material is maid to last just like Blue jeans.  It’s much tougher that the regular mesh on window screens. If your pets have been tearing at your screens  and making holes in them this is sure to stop them!  Let me know if you would like a sample and  will send you one by mail.




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