Sash and Door

The extruded 1.3/4 inch aluminum screen doors are not like any other, they are much stronger that your typical roll form screen door from the local hardware store. They may look heavy but that’s exactly what they are just plain heavy, too heave for the little plastic rollers they come with. These are the type of screen doors we all know have pushed and pulled across the track many times

Extruded aluminum screen doors are strong, light and flexable and they are made for heavy traffic and lots of use. The 1.3/4 is the size of the frame thickness, the handles are also made out of metal and extruded. Screen door handle locks are metal also and gives this sturdy sliding screen door a secure feeling.

Screen door lock installation is done on the door encasement and does not take long, once done this sliding screen door will slide like no other and we make sure of it because all work is guaranteed and if you call or email us and mention this web-site we will give you a 10% discount on your screen door job.

We know the mobile screen business very well and have been in the business since 1993. Our goal is to make you another one of our satisfied customers.